SCAR Has A Conspiracy Theory About A Few Things

this TSWAlebs Twitter rant has got us thinking

By  | May 22, 2020, 02:37 PM  | Thato "Scar" Matlhabaphiri  | Drama

Artist and radio host for the #BreakfastBuffet on Yarona FM, Scar, had some hugely intriguing if not controversial thoughts about the inner workings surrounding the #Lockdown and it'll have you thinking. A lot.

Also: Scar's Biography

Listen, we all know that Scar is not the type to be mysterious. All the things he is thinking and feeling are very often vocalized, whether that's on the radio or on his Twitter. So to say that we're shocked at a couple of bold statements coming Scar would be an even bolder lie.

Earlier today, Scarr shared some thoughts about the lockdown in a Twitter thread and convinced a few of us to really think about the pandemic the world is facing right now and how Botswana is handling it.

The main take away from this there more to the story?

And a follower or two may have agreed with Scar on this...

...and how about you? What are you thinking?

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