Nota Featured In Stogie T's New Song

Did Stogie T just call him freckle face?

By  | Oct 11, 2021, 01:26 PM  | Stogie T  | Drama

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It was all over the news last week when Nota Baloyi and Stogie T were reported to have been in a brawl that somewhat got physical. However, it seems all is far from over as rapper Stogie T has shown that he's not done with Nota Baloyi as he has released a new track addressing the incident.

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Stogie T released a new single titled Mama Say and in it he addresses Nota Baloyi fight and said he almost knocked his teeth out. From our interpretation of the lyrics which he shared on his social media, he talks about how his mother is his voice of reason which helped him break away from the fight. As a Christian, he also says his beliefs also played a role, as the Lord told him to retain his grace.

In one of the lines he says, "My guys might kill him, I am conflicted by religion." Stogie in his statement, sent out an apology to his wife, mother, and church as a whole. He values religion and had to apologize for doing something which had tainted his image as a God-fearing man.

Speaking about his fight a few lines later, he says "Mamma think I lost it, I am trying to protect her honor."

In the second verse, Stogie talks about Nota again and said he almost sent him to the dentist. "Mamma say let em hate, was ready to put a dental plate on freckle face," he raps.

He then says the Lord spoke to him advising that he should retain his grace during the fight, hence him breaking away.

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