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He drops major jewels

By  | Jul 21, 2021, 06:28 PM  | Somizi Mhlongo  | Drama

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Somizi has had another Instagram Live where he drops some jewels and this time he spoke about relationships and why people fail to let failed ones go.

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“We all have those people we can call and tell them that we are downgrading and they will support your decision. But we worry about people that don’t care about us. You worry about people that you can’t even call and ask for help.

Somizi even advised people on how they should lower their stress levels, "We worry about people of the world and that is still being attached to material things. You should let of things that are bringing stress into your life. The lesser you attach yourself to material things, the lesser is your stress level – I tell you.”

Mlhongo then spoke about people who put other people and relationships before their own lives, “I’m worried about this and that. We worry about somebody leaving us. We worry about marriage; we worry about a relationship more than we should because we have attached ourselves. Nothing belongs to you. Nobody belongs to you. As much as nothing and nobody owes you anything. The lesser you realize that – the easier and stress-free your life would be.”

“Whoever leaves must leave, whatever goes must go. I came on this earth alone and I will depart this earth alone. So why do why do I stress myself with temporal things? Why do I think this car that I’m in is the breath that I breathe?”

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