Sasa Klaas Addresses Haters Who Spew Hate On Her

She says you can call her a prostitute but when she goes home she dresses appropriate

By  | Dec 04, 2020, 10:23 AM  | Sasa Klaas  | Drama

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Sasa Klaas, has taken to her Instagram account to address those who continue to spew hate on her.

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It is no secret that being a celebrity especially in this era, you need to develop a thick skin to deal with hate, especially on social media.

In a post on Instagram, the rapper said she can dress like a prostitute and shake her ass but when she goes home to meet her parents she finds something appropriate to wear and talk economy and politics with her parents.

Sasa said if you judge her on social media then you are judging a figment of your own imagination.

The rapper recently said peeps have been calling her a "hoe." She told haters that she is a wife material or an award-winning girlfriend, yass girl! Sasa said this when she posted a stunning bouquet of flowers from what looked they were from her bae.

"Y’all will keep calling me a hoe but never ask why your girl is always getting cuffed. I’m such a bae, like the most expensive material of wife, like girlfriend award-winning. It’s a pity I don’t care. (Thanks, I’ll take my cookie)," she wrote.

Sasa is one of the country's most famous and adored entertainers. She recently broke the internet when she took to Instagram to flaunt her sexy body in a post. The musician visited Mosha Wellness Spa and she had everyone breathing through the wound as she served the masses with some hot content to die for. 

The young woman laid on her stomach as she prepped for her full body massage. Leaving very little to the imagination, Sasa showed off her side-boob and her toned booty which was on display with her black thong. She captioned the post with, “The only pressed I’ll ever be is on a massage table.” The image left her followers speechless as they fawned over her bodacious body. 

Sasa was indeed due for some time off after she confirmed that she had officially recovered from COVID-19. The star, who revealed earlier this month that she had contracted the virus and was in quarantine after experiencing symptoms for a few days before eventually getting tested stated, "I tested positive for COVID 19. I had been experiencing symptoms since last weeks such as chills, fever, and loss of taste and smell. Found out they were doing tests at diagnosis yesterday so I went."

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