Sasa Klaas Accused Of Being Biphobic

The rapper had denied suggestions that she is biphobic following a Twitter rant

By  | Jan 05, 2021, 02:10 PM  | Sasa Klaas  | Drama

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Botswana born-rapper Sasa Klaas, who is no stranger to clap-backs on social media and calling out haters who spew hate on her timelines, has found herself in hot water after weighing in her two cents in a tweet by a Twitter user who was seemingly asking about the importance of knowing your partner's sexuality.

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Responding to the Twitter user, Sasa stated that it is important because, "For various reasons, it could also be a safe space for them to unpack shame if they feel any. That’s what relationships are about, no?"

The Twitter user replied and said she is not biphobic and said she is fine with knowing about her man's sexuality whenever he is sure about it, "Ok, I hear you. Personally, I think it would be ok for him not to tell me until such a point he is sure I am not biphobic - until he is sure our relationship truly is a safe space. And if he simply never feels like disclosing, that would be ok."

Sasa was then accused of being biphobic and homophobic for saying a bisexual man might be wasting his time being in a relationship that does not accept him and he would be putting himself in an unsafe place.

"Now imagine you ARE biphobic and he’s put himself in an unsafe and hurtful environment. Wasting his time in a love that does not accept him and not allowing someone to learn what that might mean."

A Twitter user accused her of allegedly perpetuating the narrative that bisexual people are cheaters.

Sasa felt her tweet was taken out of context and said she is not homophobic nor biphobic and some of her fans defended her.

Sasa went on a rant and also called out Twitter cool kids for wanting to be her friends but they do not support her music

"Twitter cool kids think I want to be their friends. You don’t buy my music or support me at my shows so you can really kiss my fat ass. I’ve been dealing with you guys for 7years. You really think your rat face in my mentions will change anything now," she wrote.

Sasa refused to be bullied and said "For this I am patient and I have time. And I will not be bullied into a corner shem. Someone is gonna have to come out of this conversation looking at themselves differently. Me or you or the both of us. You can’t simply just call people things and think it’s fine. Nope sorry,"

The rapper apologized to those she might have offended in her tweet. "I deleted that tweet because wow. Too many people from 5 timelines away coming to tell me I’m homophobic because they saw one tweet. If I in any way offended anyone with my tweet, that was really not my intention, and had you kept reading you would have seen that' she wrote.

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