Rami Chuene Calls Out The Fergusons Again?

She accuses them of re-hiring an actor who beat up a woman

By  | Aug 26, 2020, 04:27 PM  | Drama

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It appears outspoken actress and activist, Rami Chuene has once again come after her former employers, The Fergusons in a recent tweet.

Zenande Mfenyane - Hands Off The Fergusons

The iSono actress tweeted that a certain production company fired and then hired an actor who beat up a woman in a video that went viral. In the post, the actress thinks that they only fired him because they felt cornered, otherwise why would they hire him again? Rami also added that this is one of the reasons why victims take long to speak out against such.

Many believe that this was aimed at the Fergusons as they've come under fire for hiring Peter Mashigo. The actor was fired from The Throne, which their production after he beat up his partner. Nonetheless, they've cast him on The Queen as Thato's father.

The Fergusons are yet to respond to Rami's tweet. The actress, who was fired from The Queen has always been open about her views. In a recent interview, she revealed that she doesn't have any beef with The Fergusons.

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Picture Credit: Instagram/Rami Chuene
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