Prince Kaybee Wants More As An Artist

He has his eye on the international fame.

By  | Oct 26, 2021, 02:53 PM  | Prince Kaybee  | Drama

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Prince Kaybee has his eyes set on the international stage and there's nothing that will stop him. It seems Prince Kaybee is not satisfied with where his career is at right now and he now wants a taste of the international fame. He revealed this during his appearance on the Midday Joy on Kaya FM. Could this be the reason why he wants to leave Universal?

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Prince Kaybee is currently working on his 5th studio album which will hit the streets in 2022. Speaking to Unathi about this, Prince Kaybee said he feels "old" because no one in this day and age reaches 5 studio albums and still remains relevant.

He rose to fame after winning SABC 1's DJ competition show 1's and 2's. The nerdy dreadlocks, suit-wearing DJ from the Free States kick started his career there and it remined in an upward trajectory. He has produced hit after hit even in this Amapiano crazed industry and still manages to remain relevant. Whilst the new kids in the block are getting international gigs, he is a bit worried that his life is currently local based.

Accomplished, is what Unathi said he is but he does not feel that way, in fact, he is more concerned about his repetitive schedule, saying he wants more.

"There's a lot I need to achieve so I wouldn't say 'accomplished'. It feels like I am doing the same thing over and over," he said, adding that he is tired of traveling locally instead of internationally.

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