South African Rapper Gets A Shoutout From Drake!

Priddy Ugly got a major co-sign

By  | Oct 17, 2020, 09:35 AM  | Priddy Ugly  | Drama

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Priddy Ugly is either one of the most slept-on hip-hop artists in the game, or the man is really still trying to shake off the constant trolling he has received in the past. This is after the man took to social media and shook the streets so much that many were saying that he is lying. 

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This is after the rapper, father and proud husband to dancer and all-round entertainer, Bontle Moloi, went online and shared that he got a shoutout from Drake. Yes, the Canadian rapper- Drake. It all started on Twitter when the rapper with a simple tweet said with his whole chest that he has received a whole shoutout from the β€œHotline Bling” hitmaker.
Now we all love seeing our local acts receiving their flowers. This is especially when our local artists that do not receive their flowers from home can prove that they are international. However, the problem with Priddy Ugly’s post is that man’s had no receipts for the proclamation. Many that took to the post simply asked where was the receipt, because when you do go onto Drake’s social media pages there is nothing; not a story, a like, a retweet, a mention, a- You get the picture. So tweeps asked that he produce it and has still served us ellipsis.
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