Pearl Thusi Has A Soft Spot For Kamo Mphela

She doesn't want to see anyone bullied.

By  | Jan 19, 2022, 09:17 AM  | Pearl Thusi  | Drama

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There's nothing that Pearl Thusi hates to see, but a young woman get bullied on these social streets. This is why Pearl will go to the ends of the world to stand up for anyone subjected to cyber bullying.

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After dancer and performer Kamo Mphela was recently the victim of a lot of body shaming and bullying, Pearl came out guns blazing for her. Well, not literally because she only wished she had a gun, but doesn't.
It all started when Kamo shared a video of herself participating in the Trigger Dance Challenge. She bodied the challenge if we are being honest, but it seems it did not meet the standards of some social media users. She was dragged for many reasons, first of all for making the challenge more complicated than it needed to be. 

But the comments got meaner with time, as trolls came for her body. Many said she had overindulged in Dezemba festivities and that she had put on weight. They said the new look was not flattering for her body and she needed to do something about it. 

The bullying got so bad that Kamo topped trends on Twitter. Naturally Pearl interacted with the mean comments and she was not having it.

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