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Pearl Thusi unable to let go of Rapper Riky Rick

By  | Apr 03, 2022, 11:51 AM  | Pearl Thusi  | Drama

Actress Pearl Thusi uses Rapper Riky
Actress Pearl Thusi is yet to say goodbye to her close friend Rapper Riky Rick. The later who died after an alleged suicide was said to be a close friend to the Queen of Sono lead actress. Their bond was tightened when the actress starred in one of his music videos.

Pearl Thusi is still using his images as her social media profiles two months after his death and it seems she is in no hurry of replacing them. Is she celebrating his well lived life or is she unable to let go?

The actress who celebrated the life of the singer in a long paragraph is speculated to have taken things too far. She wrote,” Thank you Riky, thank you for the good music, for your consistently positive energy and creativity.”

 The mother of two went ahead to say how the Rapper was a good father witnessed by the whole world. He had released a song ‘Sondela’ dedicated to his son, starring actress Pearl Thusi. In the song the singer seemed to regret for caring about money only. He promised his son to take care of him. He thanked his son for making him a dad, Riky said his son motivated him and made him a better. Riky was also a good dad to his daughter that his wife came with, he treated her as his biological dad. He valued family.

He advised his son to respect women when he grew older, he regretted having listened to people who had advised him to stay away from women saying they are the best people to be in life with. He loved his wife Bianca Naidoo whom he was married to since 2013. Before his demise the rapper posted a video dancing with his wife which received a lot of ridicule. Many argued that the wife was being forced or rather looked unhappy. Had the fans foreseen what was about to befell? Many dubbed her wife ‘auntie B’. 

Pearl Thusi was among those who condemned his haters she asked people to report abusive accounts to reduce the number of cyber bullying and online bashing which is said to cause depression to celebrities, after his death she asked people to post about him. “What a day…painfully regrettable.” She  posted.

According to Pearl, Riky was a generous donor and was known to give out even to people he did not know. Continue Resting Well Ricky.

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