Ozi F Teddy almost lost it

It was pretty touch and go there

By  | May 20, 2020, 01:28 PM  | Ozi F. Teddy  | Drama

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It’s been a harrowing year for Ozi F Teddy on numerous levels.  His numerous attempts at starting beef and general outbursts left a sour taste in many people’s mouths and reeked of desperation, so much so that he was more or less ostracized from the Hip Hop community. But it turns out what we thought was just a rapper being, well, a rapper, actually might have been a man lashing out because he too, was being victimised in his personal life.
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A while ago Ozi posted a series of tweets in which he revealed that for the past year or so he’s been in an abusive relationship with an unnamed individual. In it, he highlighted the double standards that he’s faced trying to seek help “The law didn't do nothing for me (as always). God forbid I retaliate & I’m off to the slammer till January 2019” and revealed that when he’s gone to the Police for assistance, they instead sit him together with the perpetrator and seek to “counsel” them. 

The person in question had allegedly vandalized his property and official documents as well, in a rage over him going to a picnic with his friends, and his last appeal was that he was coming forth so people know the truth in case anything happens to him.
Well we're please to say it looks like he'd been doing just fine.  Since his brief hiatus from social media post his revelation he's since made a come back and dived headfirst back into the Industry with a diss track, Lord of Mercy 2 and shows upon shows.

And the visuals? Don't even get us started on the visuals.


We're glad to see him hit the ground running and pick his career back up again.

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