Vee Mampeezy Accused Of Dating A Minor!

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By  | Jul 26, 2022, 05:14 PM  | Odirile "Vee Mampeezy" Sento  | Drama

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Trust Batswana to dig in your past just to bring your dirty laundry out. In on the articles written by The People's Daily News Online dating back to 2017, about the news on how Vee Mampeezy and his wife met.

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His wife Kagiso Sento stated that they met when she still a form 3 student and that she is not a trophy wife. This was after the time when people were bullying her and she wanted to clear the air for the public However, Batswana went back to that post and calculated the ages and called Vee off for dating a minor who was probably 16 years at the time.
This is because according to the law of Botswana anyone 18years and below is considered a minor. So her statements raised eyebrows on so many levels hence why Batswana raised the issue up or perhaps just to get a laugh out of the two. But the truth of the matter is they met when she was in junior school and she was still a minor according to the constitution of the country. Now Batswana are taking Vee Mampeezy down memory lane just to remind him he might have committed a serious offense and got away with murder.
According to the report, “she was a young Form 3 student in Jwaneng when she first met the "Wa a ba atsile"hitmaker. She was on that special night strutting her stuff at one of the beauty pageants and Vee was performing. She won the contest. The artist found his way of approaching her and the rest as they say, is history.” She further attested to the fact that she grew up in front of him and spent all her childhood years with him. Perhaps that is the reason why they are still intact as ever.

“She would later go to Moeding College for her senior secondary education where the reality of dating Vee set in. She explains that other students started bullying her emotionally and mentally.

“They would put fibre glass used in ceilings inside my blankets, scream and pass nasty remarks at me for being pretty and being with Vee,” she recalls, adding that she ended up pleading with her parents to transfer her to Seepapitso Secondary School within three months at Moeding. But it did not stop there.
Its not a secret that the two have met a long time back and have always stood by each other. The couple dated for quite a very long time before they actually tied the knot. When they sealed the deal they were already due for marriage. Today they are a smashing couple and though they attracted controversies in the past. They chose to stick by each despite challenges in their marriage. 

People are also roasting her for being physical with women that got close to Vee Mampeezy. Whether that is a good thing or not the thing is she won her man and they are living happily ever after. It’s a beautiful marriage blessed with beautiful kids.


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