Does Franco think Vee tried to kill him?

This is a pretty hectic interview

By  | May 20, 2020, 01:28 PM  | Odirile "Vee Mampeezy" Sento  | Drama

Frank Lesokwane, known to the masses as Franco of Ke Lela Le Lona fame, is an undeniable veteran in our industry. In 2001 Franco left Alfredo Mos’ Africa Sounds to pursue a solo career and has he’s been riding a wave of success ever since. 
The former soldier turned Kwasa Kwasa star has been consistently releasing music since he dropped his debut album, only taking a break during 2010 when he lost his wife and took time out to grieve. 

This year he’s released his 17th album, Mene Mene Tekel, keeping in line with the Biblical influences following his previous album. In an interview last year with The Voice, the artist stated that he wouldn’t quite refer to what he makes as Gospel now, but rather just wants to highlight that God can be present in the sometimes raunchy Kwasa Kwasa world, something he’s managed to balance as a God fearing artist.


“Mene Mene tekele is taken from a scripture in the Bible, which when loosely translated means ‘the writing is on the wall”. And this basically sums up my music career that I am the best at what I do, the writing is there on the wall for all to see. I have a whole history to prove it.”

Perhaps it was divine interference that kept him safe last year when his car and house were petrol bombed while he was at home on a Tuesday night. What he described as a clear attempt on his life only served to provide him with a sense of clarity, and Franco continues to work hard for the pleasure of his loyal fans. 

Speaking on his lack of Awards as a solo artist, Franco revealed that he does not even register to compete for Awards because the way he sees it “awards have lost credibility and meaning”. 

I guess I could understand why because the governing bodies of these Award shows are usually in shambles and winning one or four rarely makes a huge significance on most artists’ booking fee, or life. 

According to Franco the police have no leads on the case and he too, draws a blank. 

“Some say maybe I am involved with someone’s girlfriend, some say it is some of my former disgruntled employees but I have nothing to substantiate those claims.
Even today for the life of me, I cannot pin this on anyone.I honestly do not know who would have tried to kill me even up to this day.”

Lesokwane further revealed that he has tension with Vee Mampeezy, the source of which he stated was “fierce competition”. “ I do not wish him dead or anything like that, The competition has to be there just like in any other business but yeah I admit that there is definitely ‘somethinyana. Gone go teng.”

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Image via The Voice