Norma Exposes Her Ex Husband

What a movie!

By  | Apr 27, 2021, 05:07 PM  | Norma Gigaba  | Drama

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Norma Mngoma has decided to blab about her ex-husband Malusi Gigaba, who was South Africa’s former minister of Home affairs. She stood in front of the Zondo Commission and revealed his most private dealings.

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The Zondo Commission has been dragging on for months now and people have lost interest in it. It wasn't until the famed ex-politician's wife decided to spill her guts.

Norma revealed how they made their money, which afforded them their lavish lifestyles, to how the Gupta's bought Gigaba his white 3 series BMW and also bought a gold necklace for their firstborn son. 

Another revelation was how they would frequently receive large sums of cash from the Gupta's some of it was purely a gift while they also kept large amounts of cash in their home safe and Malusi told her it was money from Ajay Gupta meant to fund elections for the ANC.

Also their wedding cost a whopping R5 million! “It was R4m to R5m. It was paid in cash. I didn't find it strange [the amount] because Malusi has been a minister for a very, very long time and also he told me that he had savings with the money market that he saves money from. And most of the expenses we don't pay for them because it's paid by the state ... so to have a lot of cash is not something that was strange to me,” she told the commission.

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