Wedding Debt Has Got People Talking

Would you pay up?

By  | Sep 30, 2020, 09:35 PM  | Mthaux  | Drama

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After missing his friend's wedding, YFM radio host Mthaux found himself owing his friend R 1500, yes that's right.

During YFM's midday talk The Shakedown, Mthaux told listeners about how his friend had reached out to him, letting his he owe R1500 since he did not come to the wedding.

The friend in his text explained that his seat came with "costs".

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Is this a wedding or a concert?

The friend was even giving Mthaux an option as to whether or not he will be paying the money or not, as they even sent him the account details.

The situation has received mixed reactions with some saying the friend is being fair as Mthaux had RSVP with some asking would you have paid money if you came?

Mthaux maintains he isn't paying, would you pay the R1500?

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