Motaso Told To Heal From His Painful Past!

This is what he did

By  | Jul 25, 2022, 11:40 AM  | Drama

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For the longest time Omphile Siphiwe Boikanyo also know as Motaso has been under public scrutiny for his personality and chewing beyond what he can handle. above everything for insulting Batswana every chance he gets for being broke, he has portrayed himself as the messiah to many people's financial problems.

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Some have grew to love him and some hate the very sight of him but he is not moved. Motaso is generally sad and broken over the livelihoods of Batswana.

However Raymond Setlhomo has made a public declaration that Motaso should Show him just 5 people out of all those he trained and they were able to generate at least 5k each in the last 6 months.

"Monna Motaso I saw your post. Since you mentioned me let’s cut it short. Show me just 5 people out of all those you trained and they were able to generate at least 5k each in the last 6 months. I also want to know their losses. I believe every legitimate investment has to have a profit and loss. 

So let me see for those. I want to join based on how your students are performing not you withdrawing some money from the deposit of those you call investors and carpeting such on your bed or some of those devices and the few alcohol bottles you show. I know that’s merely a deception & manipulation trick. You simply prey on the financial ignorance of many.

"Further, I judge a teacher not by his or her appearance but by the performance of his or her students. Out of 30 students, an honest teacher should be in a position to show the good performance of at least 5 of her current or previous students. Show me yours. "

Once you do I will happily pay for 10 Batswana to enrol for your lessons. They will refund me once they have made withdrawals and from
that, I will also fund 10 more and 20 more out of my initial refunds. I want to support you and them.

I should highlight to you that anything that pressurises people to invest and promise them high returns is usually nothing short of a Ponzi scheme. Since you always pressurise people
to invest their last money you may need to reflect on that. 

Finally, I advise Batswana to invest where they can be shown profit & loss accounts. Not where they are shown alcohol, gadgets "
However Motaso responded to him with his testimony from his students with screenshots.

"You demanded results for 5 students I decided to give you 20 instead. What I'm offering Batswana is a lucrative business opportunity that can change their lives.

The value of my services is far above the fees attached to them if you follow instructions and understand the tutorial you definitely get value for your money. One good thing about learning forex is that the knowledge is permanent even after students make money they still use it to make more. I EDUCATE

I don't promise anyone high returns I explain to everyone who express interest in my academy that Forex expose them to a risk of losing all their investment and that they should enroll if they are willing to risk with patience and persistency.

The reason why I don't always post results is that I don't want people attracted by profits, my Academy targets people who believe in me, in Forex and in themselves not people who needs convincing,Im a teacher not a salesman.

 Heal monna wa modimo I'm not responsible for how miserable your life turned out despite you studying in high institutions don't envy me because I'm progressing faster than you yet you started your journey first. Be inspired it's not wrong to draw inspiration from a person younger than you.

Le wena waa ntlhoka tlaa ke go rute go download madi o lese go itebatsa mathata ago ka bo paro mo Facebook okare ga o motona at 30years I will be working towards retiring wena you are working towards destroying people because you got no life. Be at peace with my progress skaa njalasetsa it takes so much from you that's why owa ditlhaa okare ga o monana, ga le rate go bona kgolo mo bathong le dipelo ditshetlha HEAL."
However Setlhomo is not convinced therefore demands something even more concrete from him.

"Motaso I am still waiting for your 5 students. Please forward them. Monyadi ga iteletse mogolokwane. O a lelediwa. Your 5 students should be able to show us their returns and losses, the latter of which you conveniently never show. What kind of investment without losses?

So those screenshots are meaningless to me. Where are your former & current top students? Stop thinking I am jealous of you. Never been. Stop creating enemies in your head. There is nothing for me to be envious of. Nothing. 

I don’t compete le ma Form 5. I have my peers who I compete with and I respect.
You have been provoking me throughout and as a narcissist you chose to play a victim whenever I respond. And since you like to mention my academic qualifications. Yes, I proudly went to the best schools to study your kind.

In addition, I never failed or had to retake form 5. I know it’s hard to accept that you went on to FD hence you are always quick to soil those who didn’t FD. But you can add your form 5 points and that of your girl and you’d notice they don’t even amount to anything. 

Now the only thing you seem to have is money without peace. Please use some of that money to develop yourself & also some skin products, healthy foods including fruits and veggies. Rich folks develop themselves all the time. They have inner peace, emotional intelligence & they radiate it around.

It’s you who need healing young man. Once you heal from whatever painful past you went through you will realise you have no enemy. It’s merely your shadow. You create enemies in your head and fight everyone around. 
That is because you grew up in a broken home. You were deprived of peace & consistently had to fight. Everyone despised you and I am not one of them. No need to fight everyone or to think everyone is jealous of you. Deal with that paranoia
I understand o rata go kgopogela le go kgobolela mo go everyone but please take that anger to those who hurt you in the past. Not me.

You don’t have anything young man that I can be envious of. I am more exposed to far bigger things, successes, brilliance and riches than I can ever lower myself to some shrinked skin chap in some remote location. There are people I can be envious of where I am & in my country.
Show me your top 5 students so I can enrol 10 more students."
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