More Drama For Moshidi?

She was not happy with how other actors performed

By  | May 20, 2020, 01:28 PM

A few weeks ago we learned that The River actress - Moshidi Motshegwa was leaving the show due to the fact that the creators of the show had explained to her that they no longer had a storyline for her character.

It was then further discovered that the main reason behind her exit was because Moshidi was an expensive actress and they could no longer pay her for the role on The River, this was also coupled with a lot of differences she could not iron out with the producers of the show.

It has now come to our attention that this story is way deeper than we think.

Speaking to DRUM magazine recently, Moshidi also revealed that it was very difficult to act with fellow cast member - Larona Moagi who plays the role of Tumi Mokoena and Moshidi's on-screen daughter.

Moshidi felt that her relationship with Larona was strained because Larona could not act and the two clashed many times on set because Moshidi expressed how frustrated she was with Larona's inability to act.

Moshidi further told the publication that she had expressed her frustrations about Larona in a meeting with the producers and informed them that Larona was struggling.

In a creative space there will always be a certain degree of creative differences. It is just unfortunate when this causes a drift amongst those who are trying to create magic for the audience.

Main Image Credit: Facebook