Mmina accuses Nijel Amos of woman abuse

And calls upon the UN to take action

By  | May 20, 2020, 01:28 PM  | Mmina Gaebonwe  | Drama

Well, that was swift.

So yesterday we published a post about Nijel Amos being the Chief Walker at the UN walk against Gender Based Violence. Nijel walked among the likes of Marang Molosiwa and Samantha Mogwe in a show of solidarity against violence against women and led a pledge chanted by the crowd to stand against all forms of woman abuse.

Well, plot twist, later on that evening Mmina Gaebonwe got on Twitter and accused Nijel of lying to the nation and the world at large, as well as being a perpetrator of woman abuse himself.

Initially no names were mentioned.

But then...

There was a subsequent hiatus from her timeline during which I guess she had time to collect her thought before coming back and sharing the following thread.


As yet there's been no official word from Nijel on the allegations but based on discourse on Twitter, people seem divided.

Performative activism is a very real thing and we're all very aware that there are many sides to a human being.  While we have no evidence to support her claims as yet, we also should note that immediate dismissal of her allegations would really be unjust in a world where misogyny is as rampant as it is.

We'll just have to watch this unfold. 

Main Image: Instagram/sasaklaas