Mfundi Vundla Is Disheartened By Menzi's passing

He was told to wipe his crocodile tears!

By  | Mar 16, 2021, 03:29 PM  | Mfundi Vundla  | Drama

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Film producer Mfundi Vundla expressed how saddened he is on the passing of one of South Africa's talented actors, Menzi Ngubane. However, tweeps dug up some files on the legend accusing him of ill-treating Menzi and his former cast members at Generations.

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In an interview with TshisaLive, this is what Mfundi had to say: β€œIt was so sad. I  stood there in shock. He was one of SA’s most talented actors and it is a big loss. He had  health challenges but always bounced back. I am devastated.

β€œI will always remember him as a great artist. He was very professional and a role model. Young people wanted to be like him. He stood out. He leaves behind a legacy. Thank goodness there is a record of his work that will always remain in tribute to him, something that can never been taken, for generations to see and be inspired by,”
he told the publication.

To jog your memory a bit, Mfundi fired the entire cast of the soapie because they demanded higher pay. Instead of raising their salaries, he hired a brand new cast and renamed it to Generations: The Legacy.

During his stay at the soapie, he was forced to work despite being sick and very weak. In the video, Menzi reveals that he had been bed ridden for 7 weeks but when he was discharged on a Thursday, he got a call on Friday from Mfundi saying he needs to return to work on Monday.

Despite being told to work under his circumstances, he gave his best performance.

"As weak as I was, 7 weeks in hospital, I did not complain. The only important thing I had to do was go to work and make money for them, which is fine. I woke up on that Monday to go and work, as weak as I was. Every now and then they gave me a small chair to rest on. I did 6 to 10 scenes a day, as weak as I was," said Menzi during a press conference.
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