Is Mdu Tha Party a fugitive?

Or is this a set up?

By  | May 20, 2020, 01:28 PM  | Mdu Tha Party  | Drama

Kana it looks like Mdu Tha Party's life is really a whole movie.

Last night the entertainer took to Twitter to share how he apparently got into a little situation at Pavilion. According to Tha Party, a few weeks ago he skipped out on the bill because the establishment gave him an inaccurate bill and bad service.

Upon his return the Pavilion manager called the cops on him over the unsettled bill. 

This should scare the ave person right? WRONG! I pay for product and service and neither we're delivered honestly & to promised standards.

He then promised to "drag Pavilion to the death" before disappearing for the night.

So what happened?!

The cops DID pull up. And you can read the entire thread below. The story is yet unfinished and we're ready to read all about it.

As yet we couldn't find anyone to corroborate the events Tha Party is alleging. But also we couldn't help but notice that his Twitter name has been "#free" before this allegedly transpired and he birthed the "#FreeThaPartyPapi" hashtag. So maybe this is a gimmick leading up to an announcement? It doesn't seem too far fetched. 

This week Bad Boy Brando and Robbie Rob apparently left Yarona FM (Which nobody really believes) and lately Yarona FM DJ's have really been milking the reshuffling so maybe this is Mdu setting up to let us know he's returning to the breakfast slot?

Or maybe we're reaching. 
Who knows?

Main Image: Instagram/ThaPartyPapi