Lerato wants to stop HHP's funeral

She's taking the Tsambos to court

By  | May 20, 2020, 01:28 PM  | Lerato Sengadi  | Drama

I guess we all probably saw this coming. Lerato Sengadi is apparently taking HHP's family to court and seeking to stop the family from going through with his funeral proceedings, as well as demanding for them to release his body into her care. It's only been a week since Jabba passed away but it's been a pretty hectic one - rife with accusations, statements and passive aggression from both sides.

As we previously reported, two days ago, on the morning of HHP's memorial service, the Tsambo family released a statement denying that Lerato Sengadi was in fact married to their son and ordering her and her mother to desist from spreading that alleged falsehood. However we were all taken aback when later on that day she was allowed to speak at his funeral.

During her speech she stated "I will be as strong for you and continue to protect you and your legacy in death as I did in life. You know I am a fighter who will stop at nothing to do what is right for you! There will be so much said, but I will take those lashings with  the integrity and grace of your Warrior Queen that you chose to share your throne".

We guess this is her way of "protecting him". According to eNCA, Lerato wants the Tsambo family to hand over everything that the rapper owned including hard drives taken from his studio.

Read part of the interdict below.

Main Image: Instagram/Leratolicious1