Lerato allegedly kicked Leano out

The Sengadi/Tsambo saga continues

By  | May 20, 2020, 01:28 PM  | Lerato Sengadi  | Drama

If you thought the warring families were far away from resolving their issues, you were absolutely right. Especially after this weekend, when the Tsambo family essentially shunned Lerato at her husband's funeral and left her out of the obituary. It was ugly.  New week, new drama, we suppose. This morning family spokesperson Nkululeko Ncana took to Twitter to disclose what apparently happened last night.

According to Ncana last night between midnight and 1 AM Lerato came to the Randpark Ridge where HHP passed away, broke the locks and evacuated the helper as well as threw out things belonging to HHP's son Leano. Ncana said he was called to the house to collect Leano's things, who'd been living there this whole time with Jabba but doesn't seem to have been present last night.

According to Ncana the incident is currently a breaking and entering case at HoneyDew police station.

Lerato Snegadi's lawyer Ndileka Sithole however calls these allegations "horrendous,  scandalous and defamatory". According to the POWER98.7 site Sithole stated “That is a lie, my client did no such thing. It’s unfortunately sad that at this stage, while she’s trying to mourn the loss and her death of her husband, she also has to then face this kind of a behaviour from a person who has no interest in her well-being".

Lerato hasn't commented on the allegations in any way yet.

Main Image: Twitter/TshisaLive