Lerato Kganyago Opens Up About Her Anxiety

She wants to go back home

By  | Oct 22, 2020, 07:01 PM  | Lerato Kganyago  | Drama

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Media personality, Lerato Kganyago, is amongst the many people who suffer from anxiety, which is an intense, excessive and persistent worry and fear about everyday situations. To the outside world, the media mogul and businesswoman may appear to have it all together, but she has admitted to having moments where the world may seem a bit too much to handle. 

Lerato is supposedly out of the country, as she shared visuals of herself on her Instagram page which claimed she was İstinye Park, which is a shopping mall based in Istanbul, Turkey. The image, posted early on Wednesday, 21 October 2020 saw her posing with large designer bags, indicating that she had just had a good day shopping. Later that night, Lerato took to Twitter to share her inner most feelings, which showed that she really was not okay. 

She tweeted, “My anxiety shoots at night lately. That sharp pain through your heart will have you waking up, and looking outside the window for 30 minutes. Then go back to bed. Forgot my pills at home, I just want to come back now. Anxiety attacks are the pits.” The day before, Lerato reacted to a tweep who offered advice about how to remove yourself from negativity, to which she responded with, “Never be scared to remove yourself from anything that doesn’t bring you peace.”

Fans have been sharing their own experiences with anxiety on her page, in an attempt to make her feel less alone with her feelings. Many offered remedies to help deal with the attacks, whilst others just showed her some love. Bongi Ramoshaba tweeted, “Yhoooooo! Anxiety its painful because the more you stand still the more your heart rise beat fast as if you are scared of something. You feel to eat ice block just to normalize beating. The pain through the heart e bohloko and worst part of it? You can’t explain it to someone.”

Lerato has been on TV, radio, online and in print without any plans of stopping. She is currently a co-host of Metro FM's morning show, The Bridge and has recently launched a sanitary wear and lashes business. Here are a few facts about this beautiful all-rounder. She's won a Golden Horn for Best Television Presenter at the SAFTAs 12 and she holds a Diploma in Travel and Tourism and Public Relations from Damelin College.
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