Fans Are Not Feeling The River Lately

What could be the problem

By  | Mar 18, 2021, 04:20 PM  | Larona Moagi  | Drama

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The River viewers are suddenly now having a change of heart. The same character they wanted gone for her acting skills, are the ones who wish she could make her return just to spice things up.

"Boring" and "predictable" are the words used to describe season 4 of the hit telenovela, and it could be because Larona has exited the show.

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Viewers are tired of the sleepfest that is The River and are not holding anything back: 

"Honestly speaking the river is losing the standard shem aii they must just take a month break to recollect themselves cos nou yana aii no Season4 ya depressa, Can @Larii_M_come back tuuuuu."
"I have to agree, something is missing. It's now that show that even if you don't watch for some time, you won't miss much..."

"So that's why I haven't watched #TheRiver1Magic s4, it's like eating white rice everyday."
"Yah noo it's not on eyy haven't watched the River for weeks now."
"Her storyline was good, the acting not so much. Had it been a talented actor we would be singing a different tune."

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