Lala Falls Harder For Penene Ponono: Some Advises her to Go Back To BJB!

She has been glowing ever since

By  | Jul 20, 2022, 01:33 PM  | Drama

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It doesn’t rain it pours for BJB also known as Bontle Jwa Batswana. The young lad who has been in a public for digital marketing and also openly known for having a long term relationship with her then girlfriend has been finding it hard to swallow the bitter pill.

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This was after he mistreated Larona also known as Lala.  There have been many incidents of abuse between these lovebirds and this has also led to their public split. This is despites the fact that the two have a baby boy together who is only a few months old.

After their split, a renowned local comedian known as Penene Ponono took it upon himself to pick up her broken pieces and gave him a reason to look forward to life again. The two have been serving couple goals and are the most beautiful thing in the country currently.

Their love affair is just contagious and has found fans smitten over them. They have been slaying together and working hard together and some people think they are not being fair to Lala’s baby daddy! She could not care less that people are urging her to go back to BJB and focus on their baby together.

Forex kid, Omphile Siphiwe Boikanyo has taken to social media on many occasions how displeased he is with the trending lovebirds.

Penene Ponono is just seeking attention he is not truly into her he is in it for likes and fame,remember he once faked death for likes so he'd do everything for likes even if it means taking a mom away from her new born baby the trend is temporary so soon o tlaa phuaganya let's only hope gaana go motlogela ka o mongwe. For now focus on building your brand and loving yourself skaa lla nfana wame”
“I wonder why ladies who did what you are doing only to end up seeing Hell with their bare eyes are not warning you my beloved sister. People ofter see that my advices were an act of selflessness and goodwill when it's too late to take them but be cautioned . 

Truly I tell you; When a woodpecker gather firewood on its head it carries is only a stubborn fly that carries a corpse to its grave only to be buried with it and lastly it is only a reckless pecker that would peck a tree holding its nest. BE WARNED TAKE CAUTION”
On the issues of the affair this is what Lala had to say to Motaso for advising her to break up with her love.

"Mma kana nna ke a tle ke ipotse gore a badimo ba a nteka kana jang..borre ba serious hela ba a lwa..Bontsi jwa batho ba dumela gore Motaso o lwantsha Penene because ke kgaogane le rragwe Agric mme lebaka le nosi fela ke gore.

Motaso pele ke mover on le Tycoon ne a kile a mpatla a mpolella gore o nngata ka 40k gore ke ithekele Mazda Demio a be ke rekela Temo sekuta..mme nne ka gana jaanon erile a bona gore ke happy le Penene a be a simolla ntwa..mme hela nna kare ke rata Penene le ha ke se sure gore a wa nthata cos nako e ntsi hak mo tshwara o kgopola lebogo lame

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