Khanyi’s Viral Post Leaves Fans Puzzled

Where Is This Coming From?

By  | Oct 12, 2021, 02:47 PM  | Khanyi Mbau  | Drama

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TV personality Khanyi Mbau yesterday shared a post on Instagram that left fans confused. It featured a photo of herself, with the tags “She has no talent, she has no money, she isn’t intelligent, she is nothing without a man”. Naturally, her loyal fans felt offended and defensive of the Uzalo star, pouring into her comments section in droves to offer their support.
Instagram comments
Instagram comments

The post went viral because it felt out of character, and fans even thought she had been hacked. The radio presenter is known for making big money moves, with her latest song Shiy’indoda e Dubai dropping just three weeks ago, alongside Sir Trill, who is still reeling from the loss of six of his fellow artists in August. The new song came hot on the heels of the media personality breaking the internet with salacious photos of her and her then-new boyfriend. Clearly, she is no stranger to controversy, but she has always been confident in her talent and career, which is why the post felt wrong to the audience. 

It turned out that the post is part of an Instagram campaign spearheaded by Nigerian singer Simi, famous for her hit song Duduke. The campaign dubbed #NobodyLikeWoman is aimed at highlighting the many derogative comments that are often said about women online. So far, it has garnered over 5000 posts on Instagram alone. Many famous women all over Africa have joined the efforts, including top Nigerian media personalities like TaymiB – who is the brains behind the TV series Skinny Girl in Transit and Ariyiike “Dimples” Owolagba.
Ariyiike "Dimples" Owolagba

Fans of Simi and all the other celebrities involved have also joined the campaign, sharing pictures of themselves with comments they have gotten about their bodies and their lives that were meant to put them down. Understandably, the campaign has allowed women in these spaces to feel seen, as they stand in solidarity to reject societal judgements about their lives. 

We are glad the post was nothing as upsetting as the fandom initially thought, because fan theories had us worried for a moment there. One fan even suggested that Mr K had stolen her passwords and was the one posting that for revenge, a contentious accusation in light of her Dubai Saga. 

Mbau and her boyfriend, Zimbabwean businessman Kudzai Mushonga, popularly known as Mr K, have been making the headlines of late for relationship drama. Just one month ago, the couple caused a storm when Mbau dramatically dumped Mushonga by hastily fleeing Dubai, where they were on a lavish baecation, following a lovers’ quarrel. The incident caused widespread panic across Mzansi social media, as the jilted lover took to Instagram Live to express concern over his girlfriend’s whereabouts, only for her to surface a few hours later announcing that she was home safe. The move was considered distasteful by some fans, as the actress abruptly left without informing even her brother, Lasizwe, with whom she seems very close.

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As of twelve days ago, the couple seems to be all boo’d up again, as the South African artist went back to Dubai following Kudzai’s emotional apology. They seem to be freshly in love, sharing new pictures of themselves together. Although the drama left us all shook last time, we hope it was a one-time occurrence and that their love will last, as they seem very happy together. 

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