Khanyi On Being A Slay Queen

She's not really proud of it

By  | May 20, 2020, 01:28 PM  | Khanyi Mbau  | Drama

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Throughout her career and especially when she was on the come up, Khanyi received a lot of backlash for the lifestyle she lived. From dating an older man to being unashamed of her love for money, Khanyi has been called all sorts of names but she has taken all that negativity in her stride.

Although it was not easy, Khanyi has managed to be one of the most popular media personalties in Africa.

However, she has come out to admit that she is not proud of the lifestyle she led.

The actress who gave herself "The original slay queen" tagline has since come out to explain why she isn't proud of the slay queen tag and the legacy it holds.

Khanyi was recently on SABC's The Big Debate discussing how in retrospect she actually was a naive young lady whose ambitions were taken advantage of by a man in power.

She explained that men in power have the ability of liberating young woman and offering them resources that will get these young ladies need to be however these men in power instead take advantage of these women for their own desires.

"Unfortunately we belong to a society where those in power then take advantage of that because they have the resources and they see the hunger in young women such as my self. They then take that and abuse it. Obviously, women will then take the bait and run with it because they want to make it."

A viewer of the show criticized her statement but she stuck to her guns about what she said on the show.

Respect to Khanyi for being so honest with herself and the public.

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