Kefilwe Mabote Breaks Her Silence

She addresses the haters

By  | Oct 07, 2020, 05:27 PM  | Drama

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One of Southern Africa's top social media influencers, Kefilwe Mabote has finally broken her silence. Mabote was the topic of discussion on Twitter yesterday after the Hawks seized over R300 million worth of possessions from Kefilwe's rumoured businessman boyfriend Edwin Sodi on charges of corruption. It's been reported that over twenty-five luxury cars have been seized.  The vehicles include a Ferrari, Bentley and a Porsche.

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Kefilwe has always been known as one of South Africa's top slayers as her expensive taste draws a lot of attention. Tweeps questioned whether Kefilwe would still be able to maintain her luxury lifestyle since her partner has found himself in hot water. The influencer took to her favourite platform, Instagram, to address her haters.

"Le Pantsula lako Moletsane....Surely I have earned my stripes in using "Tjovitjo" the next time we see each other right? I hope le grand."

The Soweto born fashionista and author is simply saying that she's worked hard enough to be able to maintain her lifestyle. She doesn't really need a man to finance it and she might have a valid point.

Along with Sara Langa and Mihlali Ndamase, Kefilwe is one of South Africa's highest-paid influencers. She's won an award for Digital Media Influencer of the year. She also has her own image consultancy company, has written a best selling digital book and is a University of South Africa Graduate.

Mabote has worked on several campaigns with luxury hotels across South Africa, Nivea, Grey Goose, Veuve Clicquot, Tresemme, Prada, Lays and many others. So she really inst lying when she says that she's earned her stripes.

A few tweeps have come to her defence amid the accusations against her partner.

"Edwin will be fine, Kefilwe will be fine too. She’s been Kefiboo way before Edwin came into the picture about a year ago... ya’ll have been buying her book, her influencer gigs aren’t running dry too, baby girl will be fine."
"If Edwin bought Kefilwe cars they should be taken away but dont act like here she’ll be poor.Sis has been a grootwoman way before she met Edwin besides her Level of being poor /broke will never match most people’s level of being Poor on this App including mine."
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Main Picture Credit: Kefilwe Mabote Instagram Account
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