"I don't engage with peasants" - Kagiso Sento

All she does is live her glamorous life

By  | May 20, 2020, 01:28 PM  | Kagiso Sento  | Drama

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Following the recently passed EGH #Women4Girls Empowerment and Leadership Brunch Kagiso Sento attended, certain Twitter folk had questions as to how her and others on the panel were exactly helping the young girls and women they mentioned. An innocent enough question right?
Well, apparently not.

One attendant seemed to attempt to answer the question but it was crickets for her.

Mrs Sento seems to have taken offence and what started off as a simple enough question tumbled into all kinds of bitter words being thrown around. Perhaps it was the tone in which those questioning the initiative approached her, or maybe she just wasn't in the mood for the noise, but Kagiso came out guns blazing.

It makes sense why the general public would question the methods behind the empowerment events that have been all the rage lately because more often than not, they're inaccessible to the general public and nothing ever comes of it. Nobody ever comes back and says "Oh, this helped". The Brunch however, was free, so that's the first thing. It was accessible. Second, even if the attendants didn't get a lump sum of cash or whatever people feel they "deserved", something as simple as seeing a woman who looks like you live a life you desire can be just what you need to get up off your laurels and really try your level best.

Anyway, Kagiso says she doesn't owe anyone an explanation and can't be bothered with peasants and skank armies, so... We guess that's that on that.

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