Is Kwete A Mental Case?

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By  | Jul 27, 2022, 02:24 PM  | Drama

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Many celebrities have pulled all the atrocious outfit in the name of fashion. The kind of outfits that make people to standstill and that cause the universe to pause. These celebrities have attracted the attention of the media because of their fierceness and fearlessness when it comes their ability to break fashion boundaries.

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Remember when Lady Gaga showed many that fashion is not elegance and modest, but that fashion has no limits and however anyone can express themselves the best way they see it fit when it comes to their style and how they want to be known.

In the African culture, people are expected to show their morals where ever they go especially when it comes to dressing. Skimpy outfits after often associated with lack of morals and failing to respect yourself and your body. In the Christian context, people are encouraged to wear their clothes in way that it represents their faith.

Different cultures have opinions when it comes to fashion and style but western does not seem to be bothered. They call it civilization and keeping up with latest trends and being yourself. However the bottom line is fashion has evolved over time.

One socialite has been shocking many by his outrageous oufits lately. The young man by the name “Kwete’ has been making waves for his controversial outfits. This has made many people to worry about him above anything else. The young man debuted the limelight after he had issues with his marriage. Apparently, he was married to someone who was old enough to be his mother.

The woman ran from their matrimonial home and have on certain accounts affirmed that Kwete might not be mentally sane. His questionable character could have made his wife to flee from him and cut ties with him.

Now after his marriage went south and many people started witnessing the real Kwete. The young lad seem have been broken on many accounts. After his public split with his ex-wife, he was often seen making videos showing how broken he was by losing his wife.

Then instead of taking time to heal he started doing strange things and appearing on videos doing strange things. Some have concluded it as a sign that he was crying for help and while some love seeing him that way, some have questions his choice of outfits. This is because they are just whack!

During the memorial service of the late Dramaboi, he appeared in a white wedding dress and that left many people shocked. Sometimes he is spotted on parking lots impersonating a child in a diaper, sometimes on bum shots or women’s onesie or jumpsuit.

Perhaps he could be suffering from an identity crisis because sometimes he calls himself an artist, sometimes he says he is a Prophet and on other occasions he is just a party animal and enjoy having fun. However he has a huge following and many people seem to love him despite his personality disorders and has attracted the attention of many people.

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