I'm Officially Bankrupt- Vee Mampeezy

The musician is livid about the Covid-19 Task Team lockdown restrictions

By  | Dec 07, 2020, 09:54 AM  | Drama

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Award-winning musician Vee Mampeezy has slammed the Covid-19 Task Team for their strict lockdown regulations which see businesses not being able to generate more money and some closing down during these trying times.

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In a series of tweets, Vee said he is officially bankrupt because his business has been affected by the harsh lockdown restrictions in the country.

"I would  like to congratulate the TASK FORCE TEAM, ur plan had worked  I'm officially bankrupt, big up to u guys for the good job u are doing  of destroying  Batswana  business, many Batswana companies have closed and people  are jobless!"

"Because of a great job u are doing of not listening to anyone and being stubborn. We are happy for u for making history that will leave Botswana's economy at the lowest," he added.

He went to slam them for not allowing citizens to move from one to another without a permit.

"We respect u for opening  the borders, But not letting  us see our families saying  that going  to see my grandmother is a high risk, Wow ur plan  of destroying  the music  industry has worked nicely."

"It looks like Botswana Covid is the biggest in the world because other countries are trying to easy things but rona re gagamditse, SA has opened the Music industry, Namibia has opened Malawi opened etc...Rona we are still not allowed  to move from zone to zone without permit one more  time for the task force thank u"

Vee recently spoke about how artists have been depressed and pleaded with the Task Force Team to open up the industry so that artists can have more work because the industry is dying.

"Trying to ask for a job within this 9 months is not easy for there are no Jobs still, trying to divert into the new business in 9 months it's not easy because u need money to invest and also learn a new business."

I'm writing this post not to fight or be political I'm writing this post because I have been helping other artists SECRETLY to pay their rent and buy food for 9 months, but starting this month I can't help anymore because of the business pressure, My CRY is who is going to help them now, Please Task Force TEAM bulela Bana babereke we don't need big Numbers just increase a little bit !! Artists are depressed, The industry is dying ..May GOD be with us," he wrote.

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