Tira's Wife Attacks RHOJ Star

She left Christall's face bruised

By  | Apr 05, 2021, 05:04 PM  | Gugu Khathi  | Drama

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Real Housewives Of Johannesburg star Christall Kay is left with a bruised and battered face after popular South African DJ, Tira's wife, Gugu Khathi threw hands on her. This is according to Sunday World, who reported that she got beaten up by Gugu and her co-star Brinette.

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The incident happened at a Pretoria night club last month, when the two "ladies" ganged up on Christall after an argument. According to witnesses who commented on the incident to the publication, the fight got so intense that they even had to switch into comfortable gear just so they can beat up Christall.

Christall got rushed to the hospital as she suffered some injuries and has since taken legal action against the two. Painting a clear picture of what happened that night, Christall told the publication that Gugu punched her in the eye whilst she was sitting down and not endangering her life in any way, “Gugu Khathi is the one who punched me in the eye, resulting in a black eye. She did this when I was sitting down and there was no threat to her,” Christall said.

I have evidence to prove this. She is scared over what she has done and is trying to make out a case against me. Charges are currently being laid against her," she added.

Defending herself, Gugu said Christall was pin pointing her whereas there were a lot of people that night.  “I can confirm the incident happened, but what shocks is that fact that out of all the people in the club, how can Christal choose my name, there were too many people in that club, why does she pick me, besties don’t do that to each other.

This is not the first time Gugu has fought a woman at a club. She has allegedly hit a woman who flirted with her husband Tira.
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