Batswana react to Gloria Kgosi's marriage

Who knew they were this invested?

By  | May 20, 2020, 01:28 PM  | Gloria Kgosi  | Drama

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So yesterday someone posted a picture of what appears to be news anchor Gloria Kgosi's marriage registration.  The paper apparently serves as a declaration of their impending union and unfortunately we'll refrain from sharing the official paper on here as it includes their personal information.

The document seems to show that Ms Kgosi intends to marry a military officer by the name of Sniper.  It's unclear where this was unearthed but what is clear is that many Batswana have clearly been invested in Ms Kgosi's love life.

Twitter was ablaze with many shocked Batswana - shocked by her age, HIS age (he's 12 years younger) and the fact that Ms Kgosi is finally coupling up.  Over the years she's been rumoured to have dated former President Sir Seretse Khama Ian Khama as well as one of her bosses at Mass Media Complex, but it's hard to know whether these things actually happened or were speculation based on painting her in a certain light.  All parties involved categorically denied those rumours, and ever since then the anchor has made it a point to keep a tight lid on her moves.

The last thing most people heard about her was how she allegedly got into a physical altercation with a fellow news anchor at BTV, as reported by The Monitor. So I guess this is a great step out of that murky business.

While some were happy for Gloria and her impending union.

Others took the opportunity to be a bit... weird.

And others just wanted them to be left alone.

One voice that rung out passionately above the rest was Berry Heart's.  The singer took some time out of her evening to level some pretty choice words at those mocking the "Spinster" and her upcoming nuptials. And it looks like Batswana are really skilled at making even ordained act out of character.

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