Ozi threatens Frost with sexual violence

We have to draw the line somewhere.

By  | May 20, 2020, 01:28 PM  | Frost Legato  | Drama

One of the most talked about feuds in Hip Hop right now has to be the back and forth between Ozi F Teddy and Frost Legato. It seems the issues between the two  were sparked in the public eye when Ozi mentioned how Frost had been trying to sleep with his child's mother on "Murda Summer" and Frost has stated that while he initially wasn't going to respond, he'd reached his breaking point and eventually dropped "Ted Talk".

On "Ted Talk" Frost addressed the allegations and threw some of his own, the crux of things being that he feels Ozi is simply lashing out because he knows he dropped the ball on his own career, he's a horrible father and provider and a few other things about the mother of Ozi's child that we'd rather not mention.

Post that, Frost stated that he had no desire to continue with this whole situation but as we all know, if there's anything Ozi F Teddy has, it's time. He apparently pulled up on Frost at Yarona FM recently, in a bid to shake him up, no doubt, and over the past week he's continued to try and bait Frost into engaging him.

Last night however, things went far left. Before we get into this, yes, we know there are apparently no rules to rap beef and everything is fair game and blah blah, yes, we know. Now let's move.

In a series of tweets we won't share on this platform due to their graphic and violent nature, Ozi F Teddy stated how he planned to sexually assault Frost Legato and his entourage and handlers.  As if that wasn't vile enough on it's own, the statements were also steeped in homophobia and slow roasted to perfection in bile, clearly.  It was really gross.

There's so much to be said about rap and homophobia.  But that is only a minor part of it.  It says a lot about this person that their go to move is to threaten someone with that because at the end of the day, then it stops being about beef between two people and becomes a situation where Ozi F Teddy:

1. Normalizes and encourages sexual violation.
2. Feeds into a system that is already devastating marginalized groups the world over.
3. Sets an example for everyone who looks up to and at him.

At this point things stop being about brands and beef and become about what this person is encouraging, on a world stage. And we could say it's nothing but it really is because these are thoughts and things he's putting out to people who respect and want to emulate him.

But he knows that already, he really does. Which makes you wonder again, why? Homophobia excites the Hip Hop community so if it was to create buzz then I guess that made sense to him but also, at what cost? Which then makes one wonder, what does he really have to lose? What does he have?

It seems Frost might have been right about Ozi being a horrible father because, whew, imagine someone like that being entrusted with the care and teaching of a young boy. We don't need it. We don't need any of this.

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