Frost Legato hosts his own Ted Talk

And it's personal.

By  | May 20, 2020, 01:28 PM  | Frost Legato  | Drama

Frost Legato has dropped his much anticipated response to Ozi F Teddy, called Ted Talk.  It's... Scathing, to say the least. And to be honest, Ozi really gives him a lot of ammunition just by being... How he is.
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Therapy. Let's break him down.

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Frost initially mentions how Ozi's fallen off and squandered his potential and is probably lashing out because of his anger at himself. As can e expected he also ends up throwing in a domestic violence line in there because Hip Hop has never been about decency, and this is rap beef after all. 

Last time you saw a hit, your girl was beating your ass. 

He then goes on to mention Ozi's baby mother, who Ozi said Frost was trying to sleep with, and threatens to give Ozi's current child with her a baby brother.  That's just before he then goes on to accuse Teddy of everything from stealing clothes to being a deadbeat dad who can't look after his child.

According to Frost on the song he's actually met up with Ozi over the course of the past month and during their interaction Ozi didn't want any smoke whatsoever, reiterating the fact that ultimately all of this is for publicity.

It gets grimier, with Frost going so far as to mention Ozi's parents and family by name.

My whole thing is... There surely needs to be a way to turn this noise into money because if there isn't, it's going to be a weird back and forth that turns stale and in turn taints the images of those involved. Conflict for the sake of conflict is a waste of time. I highly doubt Frost intends to run this back and forth forever because he doesn't seem to be that kind of guy, but Ozi clearly has other plans.

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