First Lady Lashed out For Excluding Tlotso Karema In Her Campaign!

First Lady turns a blind eye to Tlotso

By  | Aug 08, 2022, 05:40 PM  | Drama

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With surging cases of violence against children, Botswana’s First Lady Neo Jane Masisi, made a movement dubbed ‘Eseng Mo Ngwaneng’ which ultimately took care of the welfare of children as well as protecting them from abuse and violence. The movement was doing just fine, until the issue of Tlotso Karema was surfaced and people wanted to know which special cases does the movement pay attention to.

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This is because recently a young boy from Tlotso Karema was killed in Lobatse and the First Lady never said a word against the incident. She only resurfaced to announce the launch of her campaign in Shakawe.

This is despite the fact that Batswana are still reeling in pain due to the death of young boy, more especially that his killing implicated reputable people and the Mrs Masisi has never released a word to shun activities through her platforms  but rather played blind to the whole Tlotso Karema incident. This is indeed disappointing coming from someone who wants to be considered to have a heart for minors.

This is what the statement said and Batswana are still reminding her that Tlotso’s life matters too.


The First Lady, Mrs. Neo Jane Masisi will officiate at the launch of the second phase of the “E Seng Mo Ngwaneng” National Campaign on Wednesday August 10, 2022, in Shakawe, under the theme, “Ending Violence Against Children.” 

The campaign, a collaborative effort between Government and United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), follows growing concern over increasing incidences of violence against children, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. It seeks to promote reporting of violence against children and advocate for cases of violence against children to be expedited at all levels. Furthermore, the campaign aims to engage the public to mobilize action on preventing and responding to violence against children

Additionally, communities will be sensitized to identify and reject social and moral norms linked to violence against children. The campaign will also focus on strengthening the capacity of frontline workers such as police and social workers to respond to any form of violence against children. As part of the campaign, Child-friendly police centres will be set up in selected districts through a phased approach to encourage affected children and their families to report.

According to the last national study on “Violence Against Children”, which was conducted in 2016, about nine percent of girls experienced sexual violence in childhood and 28 percent experienced physical violence in childhood. Among girls who have experienced sexual violence, less than 18 percent received help. Furthermore, 43 percent of boys experienced physical violence while 6% suffered sexual violence in childhood.”

Batswana are very displeased over her ignorance and came out with guns blazing.


“First Lady Maenuza Masisi is launching her all talk no action 'Eseng mo ngwanenginitiative in Shakawe,nothing on Tlotso Karema because a BDP member is allegedly implicated,she was no where near the Majaga case because of the same reason. Rona ga re bana mmaetsho Mma Tautona.”
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