Dr Gure's Vaginal Care Capsules Marred With Controversy!

Claims that they help loose women

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After being pointed and criticized for his vaginal capsules, Dr Gure came to clear his name on his recently launched product which apparently is also known as mogrippo capsules. The product was marred with controversy because Dr Gure gave women the hope that the product tightens women's private parts for especially after giving birth. Many people questioned him and today he responded to them.

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Dr Gure Clears The Air

“Maloba we launched a product that was met with difference in opinion and i thought its important to clear the air and give more information on it so that re nne on the same page! I usually don’t like using medical jargon when addressing patients or audience because i want to communicate and try simplify things as much as possible! But sometimes in simplifying things the meaning and message can be distorted and misrepresented!

“Ok the need is the call so today i will use a different tone to clear the air. Vaginal care capsule and our API in the vaginal care capsule is asiaticoside! So let me explain what api means , it stands for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) is the biologically active component of a drug product (tablet, capsule, cream, injectable) that produces the intended effects! 

Asiaticoside  is isolated from Centella asiatica, is a representative ursane-type triterpene glycoside that can stimulate collagen  synthesis  in human dermal fibroblast cells at a concentration of 10μM. So let’s look at benefits of:

>increase hydroxyproline content by up to 56% 

>improve tensile strength by 57% 

Asiaticoside induced the phosphorylation of both Smad2 and Smad3. In addition, the asiaticoside-induced binding of Smad3 and Smad4 has also been detected. It is also demonstrated that treatment with asiaticoside induces the synthesis of type I collagen, and the mechanisms underlying its action may be mediated via a TGFβ receptor I kinase (TβRI kinase)-independent Smad activation pathway in cultured human dermal fibroblast cells. It is concluded that asiaticoside can induce the synthesis of type I collagen and that the mechanisms underlying its action are mediated via a TβRI kinase-independent Smad activation pathway.

>remodeling of the collagen matrix 

>promote epithelialization 

>stimulate glycosaminoglycan synthesis and elevate antioxidant levels what the care caspule doesn’t do 

>ga e thibele mogare wa hpv 

>ga e hodise malwetsi a dikobo bo thosola jalo ja lo ( no antibacterial properties) 

>ga e hodise yeast infection  ( no antifungal properties ) 

>ga e hodise hiv / aids ( no antiviral propoerties ) 

>ga e thibele difirboids le di cysts 

So thats our product , if o sa e thoke its fine but dont show your ignorance by criticizing something you are clueless about. Hela jaaka paracetamol e kgona go berekala yo mongwe and not the other! Ha nne ke le wena nkabo ke pause and do my research then speak eseng go itira relevant with baseless claims! Le lese go nyatsa batho, The Dr Gure brand is an inclusive brand but it’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea and that is ok!”
However, Raymond Setlhomo has lashed out Gure for toning down his advert after implying that women become loose after giving birth.
"I see you have tagged me on Gure’s posts. Well, there is a Twitter space that I invite those who can attend at 10 pm. With regards to his writing, he is communicating to himself only. Even many of those he intends to sell his product to don’t understand anything he tried to say.

Matter of fact, what he tried to say is completely different from what he wrote the past week. In his original advert he had highlighted that “Motho wa Mme after a tshola ngwana wa amega ko bosading” and many other misogynistic and patriarchal symptoms. 

In saying those, Gure was implying that after child birth women are loose and his pill could solve such. This was what triggered the whole debate. It was a sensational and misleading advert. It sought to exploit women’s insecurity and self-esteem. 

There is more to say but I would mainly deal with his now condescending tone. When a health product is on the market & there are  critiques and those who question its effectiveness and safety, one doesn’t need to say those who would buy would. This is a condescending tone. 

In the event Gure doesn’t know, any health product one consume is likely to come with side effects. Those side effects are likely to spread to those one sleep with etc. Therefore it is our moral obligation to seek answers. It is our obligation to know in the event of side effects what would be the available remedies.

On the other hand, none of Gure’s willing victims knows the side effects of the product he intends to sell to them. He failed to answer why the need for his product. Has there been a study done that concluded that women are not tight! Is it about them being loose or the other gender being small! Is this product of his for all or for some and who? 

On what he said was people displaying their ignorance. No, it’s him who is ignorant of the dangers faced by many women including his willing victims. It is him who perpetuate stigma, loss of confidence & esteem."

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