DJ Zinhle Lashes Out At Twitter User

She was having none of it.

By  | Oct 21, 2021, 10:36 AM  | DJ Zinhle  | Drama

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It is well known that DJ Zinhle is Africa's number one female DJ who's made strides in the industry. She's also one woman that will not allow any man or anyone for that matter to suppress the growth of women in the entertainment industry. However, it seems there are some people that just want to keep dragging women down

Yesterday Lamiez Holyworthy topped the Twitter trends list after trolls body shamed her and she was fuming. This follows after she posted a snap of her rocking pair of shorts and a catfish account said she is a man trapped in a female body.

Lamiez is no stranger to being body shamed or being called a man, but yesterday she said she is fed up. The nasty comments ruffled the entertainers’ feathers and she came out with guns blazing to clap back at trolls. She lashed at the fake accounts who constantly project their insecurities at other people. She said she is tired of being subjected to constant body shaming.

"I have women of all shapes n sizes sizes who follow me for this very reason! I have little girls who look up to me because of how comfortable I am in my own skin! Daily I am subjected to the constant body shaming and bullying and told to be the bigger person. Well today Le ny*le ge.”

Umalambane couldn't resist sharing his two cents worth on the drama but DJ ZInhle and DBN Gogo were not having it. He said a female DJ's success these days in the country depends on good looks, and no one cares about how they rock the turntables.

Zinhle caught wind of his comment and she quickly lashed out at the Twitter user. She tweeted "So sad that you chose to reduce the growth of the female DJ industry to this… I definitely don’t agree with you. I’m actually loving how the girls are making it their own and dominating. Surely there’s something to celebrate here." DBN Gogo said maybe some DJ's do that but she is all about Deejaying.

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