DJ Tira Hits Up Vee Mampeezy

DJ Tira making connections with all of Botswana's giants

By  | May 20, 2020, 01:28 PM

This past week, DJ Tira was spotted with one Botswana King, Shona Ferguson now he's been spotted with another? DJ Tira, is clearly making money move.

We love to see it. DJ Tira was spotted with Vee Mampeezy this past weekend, just after we reported that he was last seen with Shona Ferguson- giving us nothing but power stances in front of their million-dollar cars.

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Of course, the rumor mill went a little crazy with people saying that DJ Tira might be lined up for the next episode of one of Shona's Ferguson Film productions.

Nothing was confirmed by either party but one thing that is as clear as day is that DJ Tira only hangs around icons, because he was seen with Vee Mampeezy. 
Both stars, put up selfies on the socials of their meet up- sharing nothing but positive comments and captions.

Could DJ Tira be working on new music with Vee Mampeezy? This seems like more of a possibility and less of a stretch than Tira featuring in an episode of a Ferguson television programme but stranger things have happened.

Whether there is an objective of DJ Tira's visit to Bots, all we know for sure is, we love to see Bots get its shine.

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