DJ Fresh Opens Up On A Heartfelt Note To His Brother

His heart may be bigger than his muscles

By  | Apr 18, 2022, 10:04 AM  | DJ Fresh  | Drama

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Thato Sikwane popularly known as DJ Fresh wished his younger brother a happiest of birthday with a heartfelt message. His brother Rox Sikwane who according to DJ Fresh gave himself the nickname Rox at 6 years old, is a true character of note.

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DJ Fresh may be a lot of things but his heart is even bigger than his muscles. As his brother celebrated another trip around the sun, DJ Fresh was never short of sweet and thoughtful words to his younger brother Rox Sikwane. Who according to DJ Fresh is a real trooper, a business and a family oriented man. Taking to social media, DJ Fresh relayed some of the most beautiful memories they shared with Rox while growing up and the memories are sweet and inspiring to read.

"When I was 12 years old the folks told me that I was gonna be shipped off to boarding school for high school. A part of me felt like I was being “thrown away”, though in hind sight I am glad they did" wrote DJ Fresh

DJ Fresh relays how him and Rox were always so close while growing up. Despite their age gap, the pair was were inseparable and did almost everything together. Even when DJ Fresh was sent to boarding school, his brother who was six at the time also requested to be sent to boarding school, in support of DJ Fresh. DJ Fresh says, this was when he saw his younger brother for the brave and courageous young man he was and was going to be.

"My little bro at the age of 7, ASKED to be sent to boarding school … ALL THE WAY IN GRAHAMSTOWN!! That’s when I knew that this one is built different; is independent; and will go far off his own steam" wrote DJ Fresh

DJ Fresh who recently turned down a possible boxing match with Mzansi's musician and music producer Big Zulu, revealed how is not a fighter but rather a love. The boxing match set up came after the much anticipated boxing match between Cassper Nyovest and Naak Musiq. Naak Musiq finally away the champion title while Cassper Nyovest took home nothing but shame.

Cassper Nyovest
went on to ask tweeps on who they would like to see fight next. Upon his random selection which featured Big Zulu and DJ Fresh, once DJ Fresh caught the wind, he profusely declined the offer while called himself a love and not a fighter.

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DJ Fresh is beaming with joy and excitement while he shares some of the beautiful memories he shared with his brother. Although younger than him but DJ Fresh calls his brother a true inspiration for him.

"I still laugh at how aged 6/7 you decided that YOUR nickname is Rox, since I have one too. And that’s all We have since known you as. 😏😇Happy birthday “Rox”. What an incredible business and family man you’ve become. Quite the inspiration too!!"

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