DJ Fresh And Euphonik Alleged To Have Drugged And Raped A Few Women

The DJ's are facing serious allegations

By  | Jan 12, 2021, 05:12 PM  | DJ Fresh  | Drama

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A woman by the name of @Nampree has set the timeline abuzz when she alleged that DJ Fresh and Euphonik drugged and raped her along with three other women. This is not the first time DJ Fresh had been exposed as an alleged sexual abuser, but for Euphonik these allegations are new. He however is known to be an abuser.

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Nampree said she has been bottling this rape incident for an undisclosed period, but with the help of anxiety pills, she finally found the courage.

Because they were allegedly drugged, Nampree cannot know for sure whether both Euphonik and DJ Fresh raped her. However she is adamant that she was raped by either of them.

"@DJFreshSA & @euphonik will you ever acknowledge drugging me & further raping me? I was completed drugged I don't (know) whether you BOTH raped me or 1 of you did & you later laughed about it the next morning saying we (me & 3 girls) were so drunk we kept blacking out but nasidlwengula (you raped us)" she tweeted.

She further revealed that she was a virgin when all of this took place, "Just so you know? I was a virgin when y'all did that to me."

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