All The Details About DJ Fresh's Divorce

This is how divorces should be

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DJ Fresh
Born in 1972 in Gaborone, Thato Sikwane, professionally known as DJ Fresh is one of the most renowned deejays in Africa and has been in the industry for over 30 years, a journey he began when he was only 13 years old. 

DJ Fresh who has established himself in the South African entertainment industry has over the years been involved in some big scandals that have seen him even lose his job, but luckily he was able to spring back as more opportunities presented themselves.

Earlier in 2022, we reported that DJ Fresh was headed for a divorce from his wife of many years. Here is everything you need to know about DJ Fresh’s divorce, his ex-wife, children and who he is currently dating.

Who is DJ Fresh’s ex-wife?

DJ Fresh with his ex-wife, source: Buzz

DJ Fresh’s ex-wife is a beautiful woman called Thabiso Sikwane. She is reportedly a swimming coach who runs a swimming academy and she is also an ambassador for the Nelson Mandela Children's Hospital.

In a past interview, DJ Fresh disclosed that he had met his wife in 1997 at YFM and they got married on the 11th of September 2002. 

Over the 20 years of their marriage, DJ Fresh and Thabiso Sikwane were seen as an “IT” couple and they were often featured in interviews where they discussed and shared advice and tips on how they made their marriage work.

Details about DJ Fresh’s divorce

DJ Fresh with his ex-wife Thabiso Sikwane, source: Buzz

After months of speculations and rumours that DJ Fresh and Thabiso’s marriage had hit rock bottom, a close friend of the power couple who wished to remain anonymous confirmed that the Sikwanes were headed for a divorce.

Speaking to Sunday World, the friend revealed that the Sikwanes had been having marital problems for some time and DJ Fresh’s wife had decided to file for a divorce after consulting with her family.

Unlike most celebrity divorces that are often loud and messy, DJ Fresh’s divorce from his ex-wife has been very civil and amicable.

Speaking about his divorce, DJ Fresh disclosed that he and his ex-wife had been separated for over two years and the divorce was just a formality. He also disclosed that he and Thabiso still loved each other and the reason for their divorce was that they had stopped communicating as husband and wife.

It is unclear if DJ Fresh and Thabiso have finalized their divorce yet as they have handled their affairs very soberly. 

DJ Fresh’s children

During his marriage to Thabiso, DJ Fresh sired three children whom he shares co-parenting responsibilities with his ex-wife.

In addition to that, DJ Fresh reportedly has two other children from his previous relationships and he has a total of three daughters and two sons.

DJ Fresh’s alleged extramarital affairs

Although DJ Fresh’s marriage stood the test of time for two decades, it certainly had its low moments that were highly publicized.

In 2021, a woman only identified as Nampree on Twitter took to the app to launch a series of attacks on DJ Fresh and DJ Euphonik whom she accused of raping her alongside three other women, allegations that both DJ Fresh and DJ Euphonik denied. 

The rape case was dropped by the National Prosecuting Authority later in the year and the two co-accused opened a defamation lawsuit against the woman. 

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