DJ Fresh Accused Of Rape AGAIN!

This is the second one this year

By  | Feb 18, 2021, 06:02 PM  | DJ Fresh  | Drama

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They often say "where there is smoke, there is fire" but when it comes to such sensitive issues of rape and GBV, one must tread carefully. The justice system works in a way which is very tricky and they work on proof and facts.

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When an incident took place years ago, it is very hard to prove one's case as 'tangible' proof is often their best bet. This has been the case with many women who have come forward and accused Fresh of rape.

But what happen now when a woman says they have 'living proof' to prove their case and are willing to undergo any measures to do so?

This year alone, two women have come forward and revealed that they were raped by DJ Fresh! The first woman lost her chance at getting justice if the rape incident did indeed take place however the second woman whose handle is @TheKingsTings, claims to have living proof. Living proof could only mean one thing... she has a child with the DJ as a result of the rape!

In her series of tweets, of which the female has since been advised to delete, allege that the Botswana born DJ raped her when she was in high school.

She’s also suggested in her tweets that DJ Fresh has conceived children from raping women some of whom were teenagers. 

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