Euphonik Slams Ntsiki With Court Papers

He wants her to keep his name out of her tweets

By  | Apr 05, 2021, 05:02 PM  | DJ Euphonik  | Drama

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Ntsiki Mazwai uses her platform to fight gender based violence especially against women who are allegedly victims at the hands of celebrities. She has been doing this for a very long time but this time, rape accused Euphonik wants to silence her.

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Euphonik wants the poet to keep his name out her tweets. Sunday World has reported that the DJ applied for a court interdict at the Johannesburg High Court to stop Ntsiki from tweeting about him, and calling him a rapist.

This after she advocated to have Themba muted and out of work following the accusations levelled against him by Nampree. DJ Black Coffee booked Euphonik, using his real name for a birthday gig called Deep In The City , hoping that people would not recognise that it was the rape accused.

After this whol debacle, the poet tweeted a series of tweets but the following did not sit well with Euphonik, hence the court papers.

Tweet 1: “If you wanna see the other rapists, watch who is rallying behind other rapists. When DJs put each other on the line-ups, it’s like an invitation to a rapethe- groupies party,” said Ntsiki, adding a #muteeuphonik.

Tweet 2: “And you will rally and clap hands like a bunch of monkeys who can’t tell right from wrong. A gig with predators and violent men in the line-up. Nice.”

These, along with many other tweets have not been deleted by Ntsiki as per Euphonik's request. He claims that Ntsiki is trying to portray him as a rapist and a person of low morals. This after the way he handled the Nampree situation where he apparently falsified texts claiming to come from her.

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