Details About Leonard Matenje's Wife And The Tragic Plane Crash

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Leonard Matenje
Leonard Matenje is a rich businessman from Tutume. He is also the director at Air Technology Services and treasurer of the Professional Hunters Association and the Botswana Wildlife Producers Association.

He was fairly unknown by a lot of people in Botswana until the fateful day of 5th March 2021 when he got involved in a helicopter crash that resulted in the demise of renowned rapper,  musician and media personality Sarona Motlhagodi, aka Sasa Klaas.

The helicopter crash brought about a lot of controversies, especially about the type of relationship between Leonard Matenje and Sasa Klaas and some even insinuated that the two were dating despite Leonard Matenje being a married man and Sasa Klaas being in a relationship.

Here is a look at who Leonard Matenje’s wife is, his relationship with Sasa Klaas, as well as the boyfriend that Sasa Klaas left behind.

Leonard Matenje’s wife

Even though it is widely known that Leonard Matenje is a married man, details about the identity of his wife are not available as before the tragic crash, Leonard Matenje kept a very low public profile.

It is unclear how many children he has, if he has any, and where he lives with his family but it is reported that he owns the Xumabee Game Ranch which he bought in 2020.

Leonard Matenje and Sasa Klaas accident

Helicopter debris of Sasa Klaas accident, source: Sunday World

On the fateful Friday of 5th March 2021, Sasa Klaas reportedly informed her mother Anna Mokgethiwe who is the Minister of Nationality, Immigration and Gender Affairs, that she would be visiting Central Kalahari Game Reserve (CKGR) and she would be returning on Sunday. 

She didn’t reveal her travel plans or who her companion was. Little did she know that it would be the last time she would hear from her only daughter.

According to reports, Leonard Matenje and Sasa Klaas embarked from Matsieng Airstrip late in the afternoon and they were headed to Xumabee Game Ranch. 

In a statement issued by the Director of Investigation of Accidents at the Ministry of Transport and Communication, the helicopter flew for some distance before hitting the ground and moving on the ground for a few more metres before hitting a shrub and capsizing.

After the crash, Leonard Matenje went to look for help from neighbouring farms. She was rushed to Sojwe clinic but she was unfortunately pronounced dead on arrival at the clinic. Leonard Matenje on the other hand was lucky to escape with injuries. 

While news outlets went crazy trying to figure out what exactly happened, the investigations were handed over to the Directorate of Accident Investigations at the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

Sasa Klaas was laid to rest on 12th March 2021 at the Phomolong Cemetery. Ahead of her burial, Leonard Matenje sent a delegation of family representatives to condole Sasa Klaas’ family.

Who was Sasa Klaas boyfriend?

The late Sas Klaas, source: Instagram

Along with pointing out that Leonard Matenje’s wife existed, tabloids also pointed out that Sasa Klaas had a boyfriend and poked holes in their relationship.

Until her untimely demise, Sasa Klaas was in a relationship with fellow musician Baxon with whom she had worked with on several songs during her career.

May the queen of rap continue resting well and may her loved ones find healing and peace.

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