Dee Bond Of FME Djs Clears The Air On His Rape Scandal!

He will not rest till he find the culprit

By  | Jul 21, 2022, 12:53 PM  | Drama

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Every week it’s a scandal after a scandal for FME DJs this time around, one of the trio by the name Deebond has been fingered in a rape case by what girl by the name Pearl Tekanyo, but the twist of the plot is that the account is allegedly a fake account and someone typing behind a pseudo account to defame Bond.

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The young Dj with dashing looks and have women’s attention, is finding it hard to digest the news as being falsely accused for rape is not something to take so highlight. The pseudo took it to twitter street to say Bond raped him and tweeter was not happy about these fake allegations fingered at their icon. The amapiano enthusiast is currently rooting for the culprit and will do anything to unmask the culprit.

This is the tweet that left people shocked at the amount of allegations leveled at Deebond.

“Hi guys i need your help this past weekend at Thamaga i got raped by Deebond of Fme Djs. I have known this guy for almost 2weeks he invited to their gig somewhere in Thamaga this past weekend I told him he will find me there, just after they finished playing he invited me to."

Tweeps want answers while the person whose names are used to defame Bond and has come out to clear her name and to say she has nothing to do with the tweet that recently posted on tweeter. The Pearl Tekanyo cleared the air to the public and has pleaded herself not guilty on the matter at hand

Deebond has also taken to social media to clear the misconception that has been planted to his fans and have made it very clear that he is fighting tooth and nail to find the person concerned as he does not take this kind of accusation lightly. 

"Early this morning I was made aware of a malicious viral tweet that was sent out on social media platforms with false allegations that I have raped a certain individual in Thamaga. I would like to inform my supporters and the public that this information is false. I did not rape @Pearl Tekanyo neither have I raped anyone for that matter.”

This tweet has since been discovered to have been sent from an account that has been recently created (July 2022) using the images and the identification of @Pearl_Tekanyo and she has publicly stated that she is not the author of the tweet and have confirmed the allegations to be false.
Both picture from his Facebook Page
My Attorney and I have every reason to believe that the account is fake and was possibly created for the sole purpose of defaming my name by spreading this vicious lie. I am working tirelessly with the law enforcements to investigate the matter and willing to bring the concerned person to account. Issues of that nature are not to be played with and I do not take this matter lightly. 

I would like to thank my supporters for their continued support as I pursue justice for this matter. "










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