Connie Ferguson Is Not The Reason Ngxoli "Left" The Queen

The actress rubbishes claims that Connie underpaid her

By  | Feb 28, 2022, 02:12 PM  | Connie Ferguson  | Drama

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When entertainment commentator Phil Mphela speculated that Brenda Ngxoli has dumped The Queen following salary disputes, she came at him guns blazing after tweeps dragged Connie Ferguson. This is because Ferguson Films has a bad reputation for not paying salaries after that whole Vatiswa Ndara saga.

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Brenda Ngxoli played the character Noma for the past 3 years. The amazingly talented Brenda did not wow viewers and some said it had something to do with the character she portrayed.

Breathing a huge sigh of relief were viewers who have been wanting Noma axed from The Queen. However, Connie is also getting some negative responses from tweeps who said she is undervaluing the artists on the show.

Connie has been placed under the spotlight for allegedly doing the same to Brenda and she got attacked. It wasn't until Brenda came to her rescue and told Phil to stop reporting "lies."

Brenda clarified that she does not have any beef with The Fergusons and that they have been treating her well when it comes to payment of salaries. After Phil reported his story, Brenda asked him why is he lying because she does not know what Phil is talking about.

Phil said according to his knowledge, Brenda has been away for a month in efforts to provide proof to what he said.

"So now you are telling me What I did a month ago Mpela and yet mna I know nothing ngalento uyithethayo (about what you just said.) #HandsOffFergusonFilms...yiza nazo! (come with it) What else did I do that I have no idea of. Check your Sources. I love ❤ @Connie_Ferguson @FegusonFilms for the opportunity and love," she said.

But she did not stop there, she also slammed Phil and called his reporting "whack." She said she always spoke about how well The Fergusons have been treating her when it comes to salary payments, "I've repeatedly lamented how well @Connie_Ferguson and Ferguson Films pay and treat me."

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Speaking of the drama surrounding The Fergusons, Vatiswa was not the only actress who had a bad run with the production house.

Keke Mphuthi also did an expose saying her problems started when she fell pregnant.

"...y’all don’t even know half the trauma I went through because of the Ferguson’s ,because I was pregnant and even before then I was earning below minimum on two PRODUCTIONS I PLAYED LEAD ON... then I find out they trying to get me blacklisted," she tweeted.

Keke said she blamed her son for losing her job but she apologised for it in a separate Twitter post, "I’m sorry I blamed you for initially loosing my job, I didn’t know any better... I thought that’s how it was meant to be, but I look at you today and know I’d gladly go through everything again for you," she wrote.

Hitting back at these claims, The Fergusons wrote a statement saying their legal team is looking into the matter but never divulged any more details.

"There have been other slanderous and false allegations made by Ms. Dieketseng Mphuthiand Mr Katlego Malele, which are being addressed separately by our legal team," read the statement.

This is a developing story.

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