Connie Ferguson Is All of Us At The Gym

The Queen Actress Faces Her Fears of...Falling?

By  | May 20, 2020, 01:28 PM  | Connie Ferguson  | Drama

The Queen actress, Connie Ferguson was in the mood to conquer her fear of falling face first at the gym- which inevitably made her avoid doing certain exercises during her circuit training. This morning she posted a video on her socials, ready to shrug off the fear and finally take that leap.

This morning, Connie Ferguson let her followers know that her fear of falling was so overwhelming that she avoided doing certain exercises at the gym. Now doubt laugh, the fear of falling is legit.  The fear is also referred to as basophobia, and according to it is a natural fear and is typical of most humans and mammals, in varying degrees of extremity.

So... people with this fear tend to tread lightly (excuse the pun) to avoiding hurting or embarrassing themselves.

We completely get it.

Looks like Mrs Ferguson, had had enough with not being able to workout to her full capacity and thought to take it a step further and well...just do it (not sponsored by Nike-promise), and do the thing that makes her fearful and jump squat onto a box.

She wrote on her Twitter:

"I’m sure you’ve noticed in my workout videos that I have never actually jumped onto the box, but rather stepped on and did a squat!😂🤷🏽‍♀️ Yesterday, for the first time, I decided to face this fear and see if I can actually jump onto the box!"

On Instagram, you can witness the actress hesitate a couple of times before finally achieving the jump. Once she conquered it, you can see her relief and her pride but she still admitted to being scared of repeating the action.
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The star luckily had her trainer and her daughter, championing and encouraging her to do the exercise and to remind her that her fear of falling was all in her head.

Yes! Auntie Connie, is out here teaching the kids life lessons and we're here-ready to receive it. The vision is clear, in true 20/20 style, conquer your fears and remember its mind over matter.

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