Is Cassper Nyovest In Trouble With Connie Ferguson?

The rapper recently shaded the actress

By  | Nov 10, 2020, 04:26 PM  | Drama

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There is never a dull moment between Mzansi's multi-award-winning artists and sworn enemies Casssper Nyovest and AKA. The two have been beefing for the longest time now and you know the saying, “Don't fight fire with fire”? Well, it seems to these artists this a thing of the past, as they are constantly dragging each other on the social media streets.

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On several occasions, tweeps have had to bring out fire extinguishers as things are usually very tense between the rappers when they exchange tweets.

Cassper recently had an interview with Slikour on Onlife Radio, and of course, he had more to say about AKA. The rapper said he has been training very hard to defeat AKA. The rappers recently decided that they will get into the boxing ring and settle their beef.

The pair have been beefing for so several years now and their feud dates back to 2014 when Cassper said his song Doc Shebeleza was the biggest song in the South African hip hop industry.

AKA then went to release his hit song Congratulate which dominated the airwaves and shaded Cassper about his then biggest song in the country and they have since been one of Mzansi's showbiz famous rivalries.

The rappers have been both working hard for their highly anticipated match which has not been confirmed yet. Cassper said he is definitely game for it and said he has been preparing for it.

When Slikour told him that AKA has also been posting videos of him at the gym Cassper dissed him and said he is not even boxing and said he punches like Connie Ferguson.

"That's not even boxing bro, that's like Connie Ferguson does that stuff... I'm really gonna hurt him," he said.

AKA caught wind of a tweet by a Twitter user who said Cassper shaded him on the interview and AKA retaliated by saying Connie would kick his as*, "That’s funny .... because Connie Ferguson would kick his as*."

Cassper recently said he hates him and said he is the only one in the industry who can confront him

"You’ll never see anyone in the industry confront him because they’re scared and I think I’m the only one who can tell him you know what, you’re not who you think you are, you’re a small boy."

In an interview recently with Somizi. The foodie and reality show star joked and said in 20 years Cassper will do an album with AKA, responding to him the rapper said that would never happen but he wants to knock him out

"Nah that is never gonna happen, when it comes to AKA I know him, he was my friend me and him could never be buddies and if I cant gel with you from that level then I can't make music with you,  I see myself getting in the ring and knocking him out."

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