Will Cassper Take a Covid-19 Vaccine?

The rapper wants everything to go back to normal

By  | Jan 13, 2021, 09:17 AM  | Cassper Nyovest  | Drama

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Looks like Cassper Nyovest has some heavy thoughts on his mind about the COVID vaccine. He was asked by a fan on Twitter whether he would take the COVID vaccine. His response was that he has no other choice.


Needs to comply with the government

Cassper states that he has no choice in the matter as he is a civilian like the rest of us. He just wants things to go back to normal. As a performer, he is dependent on being able to play concerts and go on tours. This is how he earns his livelihood. This is how Cassper feeds his family. Failing to comply with government regulations would hamper his work. Why would he want that?

He feels that there are many conspiracy theories surrounding the COVID vaccine. The reality may probably be different, as people argue. As the vaccine has been rolled out worldwide, we don’t think there should be any harm involved. But that didn’t stop the Tweeple from sharing their two cents on the matter. Many of his fans Tweeted concern for the rapper. Some even asked him whether he’d live after taking the vaccine! 

But Cassper’s main concern, which is to resume work and travel as soon as possible, is important. He rightly mentioned that to travel, he would have to take the vaccine to protect himself and those around him.

Controversial COVID!

In other news, AKA has taken over Twitter with this Tweet:

We’re wondering what he means by this? Is he implying that there are people online who pretend to have COVID for clout? It’s possible! People are willing to go to great lengths for their 5-minutes of fame. We wouldn’t be surprised. But we are wondering who AKA is poking fun at.

This series of Tweets and the comments, from both AKA and Cassper, have made us ponder over a discussion that’s been raging throughout this COVID time. That’s the debate between sticking to scientific solutions for curing illnesses or depending on the power of faith to heal.

This is a highly sensitive topic for most but it’s quite an important one. People’s lives are potentially at risk. What’s the best course of action? Well, it’s possible that faith is required in every step of life. Taking the vaccine only enhances your healing process. It helps faith act upon something to progress healing. Either way, we urge everyone to stay safe and healthy during this time.
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